Arthur F. Miller


Art Miller is a pioneer. For most of his adult life he has been seeking to better understand the person and how to integrate faith and work. Although only a beginning, he has found that there is one answer to both issues.


Arthur F. Miller founded People Management in 1961 which is now SIMA® International with a network of consultants operating in four continents providing a range of human resource services based on Art’s discoveries.

He is best known for near half-a-century odyssey researching and promoting the phenomenon of giftedness as innate in human nature. Art and his colleagues have studied the achievement history of an estimated 100,000  professional and management personnel; mainly one-at-a-time. Based on the rigorous phenomenological research, and the absolute consistency of their findings, he developed a System for Identifying Motivated Abilities [SIMA®] as the centerpiece of his lifework.


Realizing the need for a paradigm shift to one stressing the individual, Art began making presentations, writing articles and books explaining a new virtual psychology based on their research findings. Previously unknown among academics, the massive amount of evidence they gathered about the nature and behavior of the individual explained the inability of psychology over a century of its life searching for governing principles, to generate a science of persons or even a useable definition of the person.


Kidded by his associate, Steve Darter, as a ‘Johnny Appleseed’, Art has authored and co-authored books on inborn giftedness. His books are being re-released in ebook formats and are available on Amazon.com.

He has written articles for AMA’s International Digest and International Forum, Institute of Personnel Management (UK), American Society Of Training and Development, College Placement Council, Association for Manufacturing Excellence, Personnel Management, Alban Institute, and The Conference Board (Across the Board).

Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Arthur has given seminars on SIMA® in Belgium; London; Harrogate; Amsterdam; Auckland and throughout the States.

More About Arthur F. Miller

Art Miller introduced SIMA® to NASA in 1963 and continued to work with their headquarters, Goddard, Langley, and Ames Research Centers into the 1970’s. Along with NASA, these are some of the other companies that Arthur introduced SIMA® to:

Art helped lead the charge with American Society for Quality when, under the management of Disney-logo , a national program was inaugurated promoting ‘The Stuff Americans Are Made Of’ and needed a way to identify motivations of workers.

He was instrumental in the faith renewal movement and introduced SIMA® and Discover Your Design in church-based groups, colleges and institutions like:

He was awarded a juris Doctor of Law and Bachelor of Science Degrees from Northwestern University.

Art and his wife, a distinguished, highly published poet, and their Irish Water Spaniel, live in the hill country of northwest Connecticut.

Because his work is so unique and so valuable, and even though well protected by US Copyrights and Trademark laws it has been unlawfully copied and used by many organizations and individuals from the beginning, and throughout the half century of his research and discovery odyssey. Any work that resembles his, which does not disclose permission, or years of personal investigation and research, has probably been stolen, borrowed, or used to concoct a “magically  conceived” new theory of personality. God knows.

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