What Arthur Discovered And Wanted You To Know

Discovery that every person has a gifted, unique, inner nature


Every person in your world with whom you work was given innately a unique gifted, inner nature which we learned was a Behavior Pattern , and which we ultimately labeled as a Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP). People are not aware of the fact that they possess a unique inner nature.


Discovery that we are designed to excel at a job we love to do


This phenomena is one of the world’s best kept secrets and practiced as such mainly by those who have gone through our process, or read about it in one of our books or were taught by a very wise teacher playing to their strengths. The benefits are fulfilling and lasting, transforming life from a senseless struggle to becoming whom God designed you to be; a person immersed in job fit for life.


Discovery that your MAP (Pattern) is irrepressible. You are compulsive in that you try to perform any job or task in accordance with your MAP

As you will see when we describe the substance of a MAP (Pattern), it is actually embodied in our soul and expressed in everything we do. It attempts to perform any and every job we undertake in accordance with its nature regardless of circumstances. Your personal will is your uniquely designed will.


Through qualitative analysis, we discovered a Genesis Phenomena at work

From our sustained effort (1961-2016) to unlock the mystery of individual human nature, we discovered, then exploited, a phenomena not attributable to any natural source or cause. Every person of the thousands we studied had each been uniquely designed apparently by God.



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