Becoming Who You Are Designed to Be


This ten-step program is designed for you to engage in a four-part learning process at each step along the way. This four-part process is based on a holistic approach to learning that integrates new knowledge with life experience and private reflection with community interaction. In each step of this program you will consult the SIMA knowledge-base, reflect on your MAP, share your projects, and discuss your insights.

Your MAP is too important to be reviewed and then merely filed away. It is vital that you take the next steps to cultivate a real working knowledge of your MAP…

Few things that are worthwhile come easily. So, it will take a serious effort for you to master your MAP. To
complete these ten steps, you will have to think deeply about your unique design, how you fit in your work, and how you  relate to others. You will pursue new knowledge, reflect on your understanding, and share what you are learning with  others. But the benefits far outweigh the cost when you realize that this short-term effort is a long-term investment in becoming who you are designed to be.

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