Finding a Job You Can Love

Finding a Job You Can Love by Ralph Mattson and Art MillerBy Ralph T. Mattson and Arthur F. Miller

Of the books about SIMA written by folks who were part of our core, Find a Job You Can Love, sold the most copies and apparently helped the most readers. One reason was Ralph Mattson’s understanding about the nature of God which he taught to our fellowship, seeking to find a simple, livable, imaginative faith. The evening he spoke about “God as the author of pleasure” was a turning point in my work and life, for which, many years later, I continue to be grateful.

How to Wake Up In a Life You Can Love

Finding meaning in the process-accept that you cannot always make it to the level your motivation might like, and enjoy the ride. Major in the moment you are in, and plug into things that take you to inner exploration adventure / knowing. (psychological / spiritual grounding)

Surround yourself with people who can make your game better – people who encourage you to be the best of you, challenge you, value your creativity, have respect for your uniqueness while calling you to relationship. (relational grounding)

Claim your place today – what are you working toward – what is your role – where is your competition? Have a focus for now, understanding that may change and morph over time. (intrapersonal / identity grounding)

Keep seeking to understand and value your own uniqueness, while learning to make choices that allow the best of who you are to be seen. Remind yourself that these gifts were given to you alone, and were intended to be used for purpose in the very life that was planned for you. (grounding of humility and reason for being)

Keep learning – be interested and invested in your life, reaching for discovery. Ask yourself, where am I being challenged, and seeing growth and progress. Take adventures that explore full usage of the gifts you were given, finding new and life-giving ways to see them serve others. (developmental grounding)

Give your giftedness to something that outlives you. Ultimately, you want to leave your mark on this work in a way that gives glory to God. You can find ways to take your unique light, and shine it on that person or persons that could escape discovery, except for you bringing them to the light (grounding significance) – Unknown Author

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