Look No Further

Your Identity is in Your Soul

BY Arthur F. Miller

Look No Further describes a modern Genesis phenomena in which God’s will for each life is identified. Fifty years studying the mystery of human nature as found in the individual person, revealed that God had embodied in the soul of each person, regardless of their faith, a behavior pattern which governed how they would attempt to excel in achieving a predetermined vocational goal.


  • What This Book Is All About
  • Preface
  • Storied Endorsements
  • PART I…Are People Born Uniquely Gifted?
    • CHAPTER 1…Scientists Reticent to Explore Issue of Innate Nature
    • CHAPTER 2…The Identity Crisis: Psychology’s Contribution
    • CHAPTER 3…Really Bad Science: Natural Selection and Giftedness
  • PART II…Look What We Found
    • CHAPTER 4…Your Identity Was Born With You
    • CHAPTER 5…The Power and Desire to Achieve
    • CHAPTER 6…Guided by Governing Principles
  • PART III…Keys to the Kingdom
    • CHAPTER 7…Need For an In-House Prophet
    • CHAPTER 8…A Science in SIMA to Probe the Soul
    • CHAPTER 9…A Designer Who Seeks Your Fulfillment
    • CHAPTER 10…Fully Realize God’s Plan For Your Life
  • Bibliography
  • Author Notes


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Look No Further by Arthur F. Miller



Look No Further: Your Identity is in Your Soul

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