The Truth About You

Discover what motivates you and what you do best – finding a career that you love

The Truth About You by Arthur F. Miller and Ralf T. MattsonBy Arthur F. Miller and Ralph T. Mattson

Published 1989

The Words to the Wise (aka) The Truth About You

For every person who goes through the patterning process you (and they) will understand why they function the way they do. In other words, why they do what they do and why they don’t do what you may want them to do. You will understand the kinds of assignments they will eat up before breakfast and the kinds they will find some excuse to avoid. You will know why they can’t confront failed promises. You will know why they are running out of gas on a project. You will immediately get why those two are knocking heads; why the team suffers every time you add someone from Planning. And why you get so impossible when headquarters asks for a tiny piece of your turf.

Before you make the decision, you will be able to find out how the candidate will attempt to perform the job; what will be emphasized, what will be neglected, and what will be resisted.So before the fact, you will know how you will deal with those things when they occur … and they will occur. You will know what motivates each person reporting to you, as well as yourself. you will understand how to reward each person in a special way when they gave a lot more beyond extra. You will begin to see how you could redistribute duties to better match strengths available. You will begin to spend a lot more time on the issue of job fit because it makes your job so much easier and the results kind of shine.

What is a pattern worth of your subordinates that precisely predicts their action or lack of action when you need to know in order to make a decision or assign the likely cause of a problem. To help you calculate, let me display what a pattern reports displays or reveals.

To Engage and Manage the Employee?
You Must Understand the Employee

An Employee’s Pattern Explains the Employee

Defines the work in which employee excels
Explains what employee wants from work
Predicts how employee seeks to perform any job
Explains employee’s systemic use of motivated abilities
Defines the outcome employee is driven to accomplish
Defines whether employee is a contributor, influencer or manager
Defines employee’s management or leadership potential
Identifies the subject matter and fields of work that absorb the employee
Identifies the working conditions and circumstances sought by employee
Reveals whether employee makes timely, difficult decisions
Reveals whether employee will exercise initiative
Reveals whether employee is motivated to establish a goal
Reveals whether employee is motivated to plan a strategy
Reveals whether employee is motivated to influence others
Describes how employee operates under pressure
Describes the nature of employee’s relationships
Defines the structure or job definition required by that employee
Explains likely conflict with an authority or another employee
Reveals whether and how employee will play on the team
reveals whether, and to what depth, employee will learn new material
Describes the nature of a supervisor who would be a good match
Identifies the kind of work situation which employee will avoid/resist
Defines how long employee will strive to achieve a difficult objective

(*The Motivated Abilities Pattern provides such knowledge, either in the Pattern report or subsequently, in response to questions by teh supervisor, his management, or by the employee)

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The Truth About You” available soon.

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