Why You Can’t Be Anything Your Want To Be

BY Arthur F. Miller

Rather than explain and illustrate the text of this book, I believe you would more appreciate what you are entitled to when you realize your position as favored by God. Reading about the laws which govern your nature and behavior, and page after page of benefits you enjoy when living how you have been designed should chase away any doubts or questions about whether it’s a good deal.


This book has been re-released under different titles over the years.

2015 Edition  – Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want To Be: The Power of Uniqueness. Published by Arthur F. Miller as an ebook.

2009 Edition – The Power of Uniqueness. This paper back version is still available from the author. Published by SIMA International, Inc. ISBN: 0615301762
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1999 Edition – Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want To Be. Published by Zondervan. This hard cover version is out of print.


  • Acknowledgment
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • PART ONE: Giftedness and Human Design
    • 1. Giftedness: Seeds of Destiny
    • 2. Discovering Your Giftedness
    • 3. Patterns of Giftedness: The MAP
    • 4. The Details of Our Pattern
    • 5. The Characteristics of Our Giftedness
    • 6. Trading Your Birthright for a Myth
  • PART TWO: The Person You Were Created to Be
    • 7. Finding and Following God’s Plan for Your Life
    • 8. Resisting the Dark Side of Giftedness
  • PART THREE: The Transforming Power of Human Design
    • 9. Transforming Work
    • 10. Transforming Education
    • 11. Transforming Religion
    • 12. Starting the Transformation Process
  • Appendix A: Why Psychological Testing Doesn’t Work
  • Appendix B: Excerpts from a MAP Report
  • Appendix C: The Biblical Basis of Giftedness
  • Appendix D: Discover Your Design: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Appendix E: Other Voices
  • Author’s Note


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