Proving Grounds

What Are The Proving Grounds For SIMA?

(System for Identifying Motivated Abilities)

SIMA  (just Art Miller’s beat)

Prominent authors, scholars and church leaders who have experienced the SIMA process (*)
or recommended it to others


Os Guinness Ai Quie* Max Lucado*
Dick Bolles* R C Sproul* Steven C. Meyer
William Dembski Charles Thaxton* Nanncy R. Pearcey
Fred Harburg* Eugene Habecker* Brian Griffiths*
R. Paul Stevens* Chuck Fromm* Robert Lewis*
Ken Stephens* Rick Warren* Loren Cunningham*
Chuck Smith* Denny Bellesi* Kenton  Beshore*
Alan Andrews* Jerry White* Lorne Sanny*
N. T. Wright Dick Staub* Jeff Reed*
Bill Hybels* Fred Smith* Bob Andringa*
Gordon MacDonald Josh Hammond* George Barna*
Howard Hendricks Louis Evans Bob Mumford*
John Pearson Robert Banks* Richard Mouw
Bruce Larson John Sherrill* Jim Mellado*
Bruce H. Wilkinson Ray Miller  Jim Golden*
Bob Buford Gordon Werkema*   Skip Ryan*
Bob Sheffield* Steve Hayner  Jim Petersen*

Was used by NASA to get a handle on over 150 middle and upper-level managers at Headquarters and Langley, Ames,  Goddard Research Centers, and  Wallops Flight Centers— retained to simplify the national program for recruiting 3000 scientists and engineers for the space program

Was selected by McDonnell Douglas to provide a “content-rich method” of generating data for succession decisions, ultimately took several hundred managers and executives through the SIMA process

Was selected by DuPont as a method for determining suitable career direction of engineers hired to be on a fast-track and spent 8 years in that endeavor

Was selected by Merck for a significant reengineering effort

Was used by IBM over many years to help engineers identify their suitability for management

Worked for years with Michigan Consolidated Gas and AGA

Introduced to Aerospace Corporation

Helped USDA screen Senior Executive Service Candidates

Used by Battelle (NW) to determine promotibility of technical professional employees

Provided Kodak with analysis of a number of key professional employees

Established core competencies of existing managers at Mallincrodt in search of ways to improve individual and group performance

Conducted workshops for PhD’S in human sciences at The University of Virginia

Evaluated candidates for management positions within Westinghouse

Conducted workshops and presentations at Old Dominion University and the University of Wisconsin System

Conducted a series of workshops for key employees of various government agencies under US Civil Service Commission auspices

Retained by Raytheon to study the recruiting and internal transfers of engineers by recruiters from a number of divisions all operating in the northeast

Retained by Illinois Blue Cross to assist them in the selection of management

Was used by The Navigators to evaluate their entire management structure; improved their selection of missionaries

Was selected by Intercristo to provide a way Christians could determine their suitability for jobs in foreign countries

Was used by London Bus and The Anglian Water Authority to help transition from public to private ownership

Was used by Amoco to determine suitability of development staff for transition to production mode

Was assigned the ombudsman task by Monsanto of facilitating the opening of a new plant and product line

Was used by CIGNA for many years to make hiring and promotion decisions, enable career planning and development, diagnose performance failures and resolve conflicts

Was used by New York Life to identify the motivated competencies unique to successful large city managers and by the Wesley Medical Center to identify the motivated competencies in candidates for the Head Nurse role

Assisted North American Philips in the evaluation of candidates for executive roles

Made a significant contribution at Upjohn in career planning applications, training staff to use SIMA in the program

Used at Rohm & Haas by research management to improve understanding of key scientists; trained staff at the general management level to use the SIMA technology

Provided SIMA for the venture of The American Society for Quality and Disney Development Company in  “The Stuff Americans Are Made Of” program.


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