System for Identifying Motivated Abilities

SIMA®  a New Psychology

What we accomplish through the development of the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®) is a definition of the essence of individuals: their personality, their ‘ways’, their m.o., their heart, and their mind.

The Process tracks years of lived experiences where from time to time, people intensely pursued what they enjoyed doing and did well. In each of these instances, they repeatedly used some or all of a certain pattern of motivated abilities working with particular subject matter, and within certain situational requirements and relationships, in order to achieve one consummation of unsurpassed personal worth.

This pattern described in the last section is subject to laws governing its use.

This Motivated Abilities Pattern…

  1. Is inborn as a predetermined design; the innate shape and nature of the person’s heart and mind (aka soul)
  2. Governs how the person perceives reality, and will so attempt to perform any job, role or activity, whether vocational, recreational, family or otherwise.
  3. Is the means available for each person to  experience meaning and profound satisfaction; only possible through use of the Pattern.
  4. Is irrepressible and therefore predictive, seeking to be expressed in any circumstance which remotely lends itself to such manifestation. Similarly, under circumstances which are in conflict with, or cannot accommodate the Pattern, it functions to actively reject the desired behavior.
  5. Triggers emotional reactions of joy, pride, irritation, depression,  resentment, envy and/or rage, depending on whether other people or circumstances collide with or accommodate the Pattern.
  6. Is stable in its fundamental components, but with a large growth potential within its parameters.
  7. Drives the pursuit of ambition, a cause, dream or mission, often requiring severe discipline, personal sacrifice and hardship.
  8. Functions as a holistic system with each element functioning to enable as well as restrain, containing all the sustained motivated behavior of which the person is capable.
  9. Is amoral and does not cover  behavior around character issues…and can be used for good or evil. That free-will decision is reserved for each person.
  10. Is powered by an innate giftedness. Invested in the abilities, the subject matter, and the relationships when employed within the appropriate circumstances./span>
  11. Is organic and functions regardless of the person’s consciousness or awareness of its governing power.
  12. Is designed to achieve one particular outcome or consummation.
  13. Governs all cognitive functions, not only what a person is motivated to learn but how and why; also alone, with others, and with or without a teacher, are determined by the Pattern. What is true of learning is true of planning, conceptualizing, designing, organizing, creating and other mental processes.
  14. Determines conation; the willingness and ability to make certain types of decisions related to taking action.
  15. Is not caused by environmental forces, although they can play a critical role in precipitating or sustaining an achievement experience.
  16. Shapes the person’s social behavior as in styles of living, residence, attire, relationships, communications and community involvement.

Until there is discovered a natural cause for this phenomena, I am more than content believing God has so entered human affairs. Unlike the phenomena themselves, the role of God in these matters is best explained in a book titled, “How God Shapes Our Lives”.

The Power of SIMA®

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