Power of SIMA


The core distinction of Motivational Pattern is based on the repetitive past performance of the achiever. Every conclusion relies on recurring, demonstrated performances which gives it the unique power to comprehend, explain and predict behavior. Widely accepted by researchers studying the human condition, the aphorism is believed even more robust when past behaviors are identical or closely similar to future behaviors.

Alone among all those seeking to understand qualities about people is our focus on the individual person, completely unique to SIMA®

  • SIMA® accesses the heart, mind and will of a person by identifying an inborn Pattern of motivated competencies which determines and drives performance and results.arthur_miller_image3
  • This Pattern defines the only means and power within the person for accomplishing anything of significance.
  • Information generated is empirical or objective in nature. Since our process is based on the person’s actions, conclusions are based on demonstrated performance; the person either did/did not do what is desired/not desired. There is very little gray.
  • Patterns answer performance questions before the fact about whether the person… is motivated to lead or to manage (and they are quite different); makes timely, risky decisions; needs structure or can abide ambiguity; gets the job done in spite of; is creative; comfortable with abstract thinking; keeps a close eye on critical indicators; confronts failed promises; handles conflict….and soon.
  • Patterns answer performance questions after the fact about why such inability or indecisiveness in making decisions; or not confronting a subordinate; or in failing to anticipate a likely onslaught by aggressive competitors; or the overrun on budget and time table for the construction project; or the spiking of level of grievances under new supervision; or the tired proposals to becoming more competitive.
  • Solutions to problems caused by emotional reactions are readily diagnosed because people have so much emotionally invested in fulfilling their Patterns. Whether it involves neglect, anger, conflict, noses out of joint, repeated excuses, absenteeism, depression, too much pressure, lack of recognition, critical attitudes, or confusion about expectations, the first step is to see where the Pattern has been ignored, abused, misplaced or defied.
  • Performance mysteries can be solved about individuals by referring to their Pattern. For questionsexamples: Why did he do so well before he came to headquarters? Why do those two always knock heads? What happened to the golden boy after he was put in charge? Why does she sell so much at such a low margin? The former CFO seems confused as the new COO. Why has the very successful city sales manager bombed out in charge of New Product Development? The analysis and solutions to all of these performance mysteries? Consult their MAP and you will find the answer writ clear.

Proving Grounds for SIMA

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