God’s Plan for every Human Being: A Good Job

I was the leader of a team which researched the person, seeking to unlock the mystery of individual human nature; a project abhorred as unscientific and of little value by academics. We discovered that every person had been innately gifted with a unique behavior pattern enabling them to excel when they were working in a vocation compatible with their pattern. We found such a pattern present in every one of the thousands of mainly professional and management personnel we had studied.

Our problem became not a matter of replicable proof, which we had in abundance, but there was no remote natural explanation for the source or cause of the phenomena; none. I ultimately concluded that God was implicated as the designing genius who enabled people to search for, locate and perform work in which they excelled and loved doing

This web site provides all the complex detail of what we discovered and what it enabled us to do for our employer clients. Employers don’t seek to identify the uniqueness of each employee. As a result, up to 80% of all employees, at all levels, are job misfits. We can define and explain individuals to their management, and predict their work performance as part of the predetermined behavior pattern which they have inherited. This pattern has one structure, type of content, and behavioral dynamics, yet every person is unique in detailed makeup and performance. We can access their heart and mind which identifies their uniqueness and its power, passion and motivation to excel. We can train employers how to assure job fit and engage their workers.

Before entering the work force, why do most 4 year college graduates bitterly complain about huge school debts and no understanding of what they should do with their life. The simple answer to this maddening question is because they never learned anything in sixteen years of formal education which seriously engaged their hearts and minds. In other words, they never learned anything having personal significance or impact Few students know what they want and have to give to achieve that ambition, goal or even feeling, We are able to train teachers to identify what, how and why a student learns. And if there is no learning process about academic subjects in the pattern, to guide the student into vocational training or apprenticeship. For even with students, the ultimate issue is a good job, which may require graduate school as a critical path.

When I came upon this NY Times item in an opinion by Charles M Blow “Dangerous World, Serious Leaders” I was so struck by God’s wisdom in gifting every human being with a birthright focused on a vocational objective and the power and determination to excel in achieving it.

In a 2011 book by Jim Clifton, the chairman and C.E.O. of Gallup, titled “The Coming Jobs War,” he pointed out:

“The primary will of the world is no longer about peace or freedom or even democracy; it is not about having a family, and it is neither about God nor about owning a home or land. The will of the world is first and foremost to have a good job. Everything else comes after that.”

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