To Engage and Manage the Employee? You Must Understand the Employee

An Employee’s Pattern Explains the Employee

Defines the work in which employee excels

Explains what employee wants from work

Predicts how employee seeks to perform any job

Explains employee’s systemic use of motivated abilities

Defines the outcome employee is driven to accomplish

Defines whether employee is a contributor, influencer or manager

Defines employee’s management or leadership potential

Identifies the subject matter and fields of work that absorb the employee

Identifies the working conditions and circumstances sought by employee

Reveals whether employee makes timely, difficult decisions

Reveals whether employee will exercise initiative

Reveals whether employee is motivated to establish a goal

Reveals whether employee is motivated to plan a strategy

Reveals whether employee is motivated to influence others

Describes how employee operates under pressure

Describes the nature of employee’s relationships

Defines the structure or job definition required by that employee

Explains likely conflict with an authority or another employee

Reveals whether and how employee will play on the team

Reveals whether, and to what depth, employee will learn new material

Describes the nature of a supervisor who would be a good match

Identifies the kind of work situation which employee will avoid/resist

Defines how long employee will strive to achieve a difficult objective

(*The Motivated Abilities Pattern provides such knowledge, either in the Pattern report or subsequently, in response to questions by the supervisor, his

management or by the employee )

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