The Genesis Phenomena

While in their mother’s womb, each person was apparently endowed with a behavior pattern which expressed the will of God for the person’s life, and governed the work in which they would excel. An undeniable quality of this birthright is how it engenders love by the person for achieving their vocational objective.

Does the nature and behavior of human beings reveal that we are each the explicit intention of a Designer? It seems so unlikely, the mechanism so baffling, and why would it emerge as a fact now, after centuries lying hidden from view to all but the occasional philosopher or poet. Yet the fact of design seems inescapable, and without any naturalism to bar the door, should be addressed.. Such a Designer obviously intends…..

  • That people seek to achieve the outcome designated in their Pattern with a fervor and single-minded commitment all the days of their life;
  • That they use those abilities designated in their Pattern; e.g. certain learning abilities, certain evaluating abilities, etc., the same 7-10 abilities out of 85 options;
  • That they work with that subject matter designated in their Pattern; e.g. certain tangibles, certain data, certain abstractions, etc., the same 5-8 items out of 40 options;
  • That they operate within those situational circumstances designated in their Pattern; e.g. certain triggers to precipitate action, certain structure or openness, certain working conditions, etc., the same 6-8 circumstances out of 62 options;
  • That they operate with others as designated in their Pattern; e.g. certain contributor roles, certain influencer roles, certain manager roles, etc., the same 1-2 operating relationships out of 22 options;
  • That they function holistically as a system with each element enabling and restraining the other elements as they collectively seek their one consummation;
  • That they function organically without conscious awareness of their existence, remain stable but continue to grow and develop within the parameters of their Pattern;
  • That they exercise their Pattern in their work family and social roles and responsibilities

Now consider the scenario played out by any person. People utilize, in varying sequences, 25 to 30 behavioral elements,( occasionally more or less) some or all of which they have used from the time that they were youngsters attempting a major achievement experience. Each innate Pattern, laden with motivated competencies and purposeful thrust, functions uniquely in the detailed mix and play of its many elements of giftedness. This complex program is spontaneously entered into and with respect to the major achievements, pursued by each person through the organic unfolding illustrated next.

  • Involvement is triggered by a certain valued potential or person either sought or responded to;
  • Dealing with a certain subject matter/object of significant interest;
  • Where the achiever sets about, alone or with others, at a certain depth and detail, learns a certain way what is needed;
  • In a situation which is structured and well defined or open and fluid;
  • Works from scratch or from what exists;
  • Arrives at a certain kind of a decision to take a certain kind of action or abstraction to pursue;
  • Sustains active involvement because of certain reasons or persons;
  • Which may require a certain kind of boss;
  • Prepares to take action to achieve a certain outcome;
  • Seeks a certain working environment in which to prosper;
  • Utilizes certain mechanisms to get the work done;
  • Pursues a certain role to be performed alone, with or through others;
  • Gets the work done a certain way for a certain reason or outcome;
  • Influences or informs others a certain way for a certain purpose
  • Seeks a certain reaction, response or result;
  • Drives to a certain consummation.

It requires quite an effort not to accept the foregoing facts as solid evidence of design.

Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP)

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