Unlocking Human Nature

Convinced that there was a lot more to being a person than what psychology had discovered, I set out to research the nature of the individual; a task abhorred by psychologists as of little use to science. For 35 years, count them, 35 years, I studied thousands of mainly professional and management employees, one-at-a-time, when they were engaged and fully committed to tasks which matched their nature. Unlocking their nature yielded this new and radical science of the person. Read slowly. It’s a lot to take in, but it describes what you possess. This is what we discovered…

Each person arrives on earth possessing an inborn behavior pattern, which has a five part structure, certain content and behavioral dynamics.
Each pattern and employee is unique in coded detail,
Containing 15-25 elements of behavior, occasionally more,
Composed of abilities, subjects matter, circumstances, relationships,
And an outcome the employee is determined to achieve.
This pattern triggers, sustains, and governs motivated behavior.

We call the pattern a Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP).


For these 35 years I developed the first human science of the person called SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) with management of top corporations and federal agencies. While human resources gave up its mission and people management was turned over to the impersonal numerate world, we led our clients in how to use our discoveries just described:

  • Access employee’s heart & mind.
  • Identify how the employee is wired.
  • Explain the nature of the employee.
  • Predict employee’s job performance.
  • Match the employee and a job.
  • Prescribe how to manage the employee.
  • Form and manage teams.
  • Anticipate when employee will run out of gas.
  • Predict impact of organizational changes.
  • Locate the human cause of operating problems.

The Genesis Phenomena

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